The Diva Package

For women who will not settle for less than the best, the Diva package is a must.

Below are the details for the Diva Package in the amount of $3,000. This celebrity-worthy package includes up to five sessions in total: up to four styling sessions and one professional photoshoot including hair and makeup. Depending on client location and availability, sessions two and three can be combined into a single meeting for convenience.


Session One

The first 90-minute session is a private consultation at your home with your stylist and made-to-measure specialist. We will take the time to determine your needs, complete your first set of measurements, and compile images of your dream collection in a lookbook.

  • Full analysis of your current wardrobe
  • Trying on your favorite clothes, both a casual-chic look and a professional look
  • Determining your budget
  • Strategic planning for the new collection, maximizing your value using versatile pieces
  • Taking complete body measurements for custom component with a measurement specialist
  • Noting sizes for the ready-to-wear department (tops, bottoms, shoes, belt, hat)
  • Summarizing aspects of the custom and ready-to-wear collections (budget, key items, accessories, etc.)
  • Establishing short- and medium-term events that will be included in the lookbook.


Session Two

The second 90-minute session is what we call an express shopping rally. We provide a personal shopping experience to complete your wardrobe with some off-the-rack pieces which can be modified to your shape.

  • A pre-selection of pieces in your size based on your choices from the first session will be waiting for you
  • Fitting room ready to try on the clothes and accessories selected by the stylist
  • Determining some winning combinations and taking pictures of your favourite outfits
  • Consulting by the stylist to help you learn how to shop efficiently and successfully


Session Three

The third 30-minute session is a fitting session at the tailor in downtown Montreal at 1117 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Suite 204. Please note that alterations for the custom collection are included in the package price, but modifications to the ready-to-wear pieces will be charged to the client. Should your selected stores for the rally be in Montreal, the fitting can be done immediately before the shopping rally to combine the sessions into a two-hour appointment.

  • Taking final set of measurements for alterations


Session Four

The fourth one-hour session will be scheduled once the final alterations of the entire wardrobe are complete and your personalized lookbook is ready. The meeting can be at your home or office, depending on your availabilities.

  • Final handover of clothing
  • Final handover of the lookbook which will include approximately 20 outfit possibilities ranging from casual to formal
  • Establishing looks for special events
  • Determining five outfits for session five photoshoot


Session Five

The fifth and final session is a photoshoot with a professional photographer. Location will be at the client’s workplace, at her home, or other location suggested by stylist and photographer.

  • Hair and make-up done by professionals
  • Choice of lifestyle shoot or professional photoshoot
  • Digital collection of ten retouched photos (mix of black and white and color pictures)


Agreement Details

The contract for the Diva Package is a maximum of four styling sessions and one professional photoshoot session. The package does not include the clothing budget; the amount spent on clothing will be determined in the first session. Payment for the service fees and the clothing budget are required in full at the first meeting. An invoice will be issued for styling services at a cost of $3,000.


Payment Methods

  1. Interac email transfer:  [email protected] 
  2. Check made out to Safiyya Style Inc.
  3. Credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex


Customers who have benefited from the Diva Package will be able, in the future, to place orders exclusively for the purchase of custom clothing through Safiyya Style. The home visit and look-book will not be included in the next orders without repurchase of the Diva Package styling service.


Safiyya Style Inc.

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