Safiyya Laframboise
Businesswoman, entrepreneur and men’s stylist, Safiyya offers you a personal experience to help create a unique style through the clothes you wear. She will guide you through all of the events from normal office wear to important functions. All of her customers whether local or international can affirm their unique image and personal style from her invaluable experience, knowledge and advice. Her customers feel good about themselves because they know they always look their best in all situations. It gives them the confidence to get through important business meetings or oral presentations. 

Safiyya’s concept is simple but very efficient. She will create your own unique high-end wardrobe made of tailor-made and ready-to-wear garments in the comfort of your own home. Her services are geared towards the businessman whose time is precious and his taste in clothing is sophisticated. 

In the first consultation, Safiyya will examine your complete wardrobe then create a complete new line of made to measure garments exclusively for you according to the budget you will establish together. A tailor will accompany her to take your measurements. 

The second consultation will consist of a fitting session. The tailor will be present to make all the necessary alterations so that the clothes fit to Safiyya’s high standards which are nothing less than perfection. Following the fitting session, you will accompany Safiyya on a “Rally Shopping Express” where you will visit pre-selected boutiques. She will have pre-selected ready-to-wear clothes for you to complete your wardrobe and a change room will be available upon your arrival. From your selection she will create a look book of 150 to 200 different possible combinations of casual, casual chic and chic for you to wear depending on your work and event schedule. This look book is available on your cell phone so that you will always know what to wear for all occasions. This will enable you to look your best no matter what important business meeting or event you must attend. You will exude confidence with your new trendy clothes line. 

Safiyya’s suppliers are all high end trendy businesses. Through her advice and their exquisite products all details are imperative to create a personalized and unique look adapted to your style and position. All alterations on the tailor-made garments are included in her services. Safiyya will be more than happy to guide you through the Men Styling Maze by providing you with your own collection of men’s clothing adapted to your specific needs and lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.